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Wednesday, August 13, 2003

And another thing.... 

It seems that Jim Sparkman, the founder of San Francisco based Chronwatch has laid out what most of the national liberal establishment refuses to see. Today's broadside from Jim reiterates only a few of the chronic problems of California. Meanwhile, one of the few pundits who called Schwarzenegger's entry correctly, John Fund of the Wall Street Journal, was heard on Hugh Hewitt's radio show saying that Arnold was going to run on what was basically a conservative platform, social liberalism notwithstanding. Thanks to "vbmoneyspender" over at FreeRepublic.com for the head's up, btw.

Arnold's ability to attract crossover Democrats and Independents remains strong, but everyone expects some softening in his support as he begins to get specific about issues in the coming week. I'm not so sure. This is the first time since the Recall was instituted by Hiram Johnson that one has been successfully sent to a ballot by the people. It seems to me that the voting populace is in no mood to split hairs, and wants someone who they believe will act. This episode looks more and more like the months prior to the passage of Proposition 13 in 1978. I think they are pissed.

Not a good environment for the political class in either party, I'd say.

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