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"The wandering scholars were bound by no lasting loyalties, were attached by no sentiment of patriotism to the states they served and were not restricted by any feeling of ancient chivalry. They proposed and carried out schemes of the blackest treachery."-C.P. Fitzgerald.

Thursday, August 21, 2003

Bob Herbert loses his spine... 

Bob Herbert's column in today's New York Times is a perfect example of what I have been writing about in earlier postings: the loss of nerve on the part of the Left. Today's wailing and gnashing of teeth, A Price Too High, betrays an extraordinary ingnorance of the stakes at hand, and implicitly assumes that we can just up and walk away from a confrontation with the forces of Islamic Fascism. Really, Herbert's column makes me wonder why liberals are paid real money to show the entire nation that they have a profound lack of historical knowledge in the nation's premier fishwrapper.

What really incenses me is the continued comparison to Vietnam. I fired off a letter to Herbert, upbraiding him for being an ignoramus about the subject. The NVA and the VietMinh had been fighting in the field twenty years when they first fought us at the Battle of the Drang in 1965. The NVA Regulars and their VietMinh cadres were a very well trained, well supplied, and well led army of guerrillas and Regular NVA troops. The insurgents who oppose us, up to and including any Al Qaeda present, are simply not in the same class. In addition, they had the resources of the entire Warsaw Pact at their disposal, especially the new generation of SAM's and generous helpings of arms and ammunition. The jihadis in Baghdad do not. The Vietnamese fought extremely well, as any American who was there will attest. We know how well the Ba'athists fought. The foreign jihadi are no better, I suspect.

But don't take my word for it! Read this fine piece of writing on the U.N. incident by the world's premier miltary historian, John Keegan. This article in today's Daily Telegraph puts paid to the sublime ignorance of those who will not learn.

The left-wing Democrats' loss of nerve continues. This angers me, because at a time of war against a demonstrably fascist enemy, it seems that they have decided to sit out the conflict.

What liberals don't understand is that Americans want their country protected. Liberals appear unwilling to protect it by any means necessary. I strongly suspect that the latent fear of terrorism that they are displaying will be perceived by the American people for what it is, a lack of fighting will and spirit. You can't graft spine onto people.

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