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Friday, August 22, 2003

Is Anyone Sick of Morford yet, or is it just Me? 

Just a quick note.

I never thought I'd find a writer as self-absorbed as Maureen Dowd, but in the past half year, I found Mark Morford.Morford Morford is actually paid money to write for the San Francisco Chronicle. Basically, his columns are one long stream of mastabatory conciousness, a tribute to self-indulgence. Every painful week it's "sex toy" this and "orgasm" that. Basically, a Morford column is one long, excruciating homoerotic cry for a trip through the Glory Hole of the Mind. This week's column is no exception.

He is especially critical of the President (of course), and peddles every left wing totem ("BushCo", "lies", "oil", well, you get the idea...) that passes for coherent argument on that side of the aisle. This week he's all atwitter about the George Bush action figure (GW in flight suit) and swears that it's the perfect gift for asking oneself "...what, pray what, can I give the hardcore lockstep pseudo-Christian homophobic Republican on my gift list?"

I will swear on a stack of King James Bibles that this man is insanely jealous of Laura Bush.

Yet another chapter in the dumbing down of journalism.

Speaking of dumbing down, I have a big problem with MSNBC's Scarborough Country. Joe Scarborough was a congressman from Pensacola up in the Florida Panhandle. He was a rather magnetic figure during the Recount Hell, arguing the Bush case on various networks.Joe MSNBC liked what it saw and hired him as a talking head after his retirement. They liked him so much they gave him his own show, Scarborough Country. The show is a conservative paradise, and that's its problem.

I love Joe, I really do. But as a conservative, I feel uncomfortable watching MSNBC employ Joe while he rams conservatism down the throats of the nightly audience. FOX News Channel is much better at doing this, since everyone knows FOX 's political position (very much in the tank for the Administration). MSNBC's plan to peddle Donahue failed miserably, because people didn't want his ideas peddled to them as a "cutting edge" talk show. Donahue was not only liberal, he was terminally so. Scarborough is the flip side of the same coin, and I would be much more satisfied if Joe learned to be a little less partisan and a little more even handed. FOX has learned how to pull this off to a great extent, and MSNBC needs to try and stop slavishly trying to imitate FOX's success.

If I want a partisan TV show, I'll tune in Janeane Garafolo's latest ramblings. Until then, I'll have to settle for FOX. Things could be worse, however. We could be forced to listen to the BBC.

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