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Friday, August 15, 2003

Odds and Ends as we head into the Weekend.... 

Well it didn't take long.

Twenty four hours after the blackout began Democrats just about blamed the entire thing on George W. Bush. There comes a time when you just have to step back and wonder if they really believe their own horse manure. The activists do, of course, but the politicians aren't supposed to be as pig-ignorant as the activist base. Of course, what happened was a technical problem that affected the Northeastern States power grid. So far, they've been able to narrow it down to a plant in Ohio as the culprit.

Technical problems should be beyond the scope of political debate. However, once Senator Clinton tossed her broom into the ring, the rest of the Hollow Men just had to follow. You will hear, before the weekend is out, some intellectual steaming pile accuse the Administration of failing to "connect the dots" to prevent this blackout.

I promise you, this will happen. Democrats and their talking points are joined at the hip.

By the way, my cousin Jack Getzz sent me a memo concerning the entire "connect the dots" line of reasoning. I will print it here in full in the coming days. It sort of explains the reaction to the 9-11 attacks.


A Field poll to be released tomorrow has Cruz Bustamante up on the Arnold by three points (25% to 22%). As usual, the Stupid Party is splitting its vote, with the third stringers (McClintock, Ueberroth, and the joker of the deck, Bill Simon) polling in the mid to high single digits. That's enough to cut Arnold down to size and give the race to Bustamante. An analyst on one thread over at Free Republic indicates that Bustamante has no big upside to his vote, and that this poll should change as Arnold's campaign accelerates and Republicans decide to abandon the chumps and cast the "serious" vote for Arnold. I'm betting that it will, as I suspect that Arnold is hardly an empty suit.


Finally, I want to provide a link to James Wong's Yoko Kanno Project page. Yoko Kanno is one of Japan's most prolific composers and is held in high regard by everyone in the anime community. She is responsible for the soundtracks for classic animated series such as Cowboy Bebop and The Vision of Escaflowne. Two years ago, she was commissioned by Production I.G to compose and arrange music for the hit Japanese televison series, Ghost in the Shell: Standalone Complex. Wong created this page as a tribute to her. Under the "music" category of that page, you can find Windows Media Player-capable recordings of her greatest stuff. It's absolutely a joy to listen to it, and it makes you want to go out and buy the CD's. Just click on the banner to send you there....

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