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Thursday, August 21, 2003

The Sublime and the Ridiculous. 

In my column of yesterday, I cited Keegan's insightful analysis of the current insurgency in Iraq. Now, Victor Davis Hanson chimes in with yet another dissection of the current situation on the ground.HansonNational Review Online has his article posted here. Before I comment on the Usual Suspects in California, I thought I'd take a chance to give you my reaction to the UN bombing.

Personally, I think the terrorists have made a huge mistake. The destruction of the Jordanian Embassy in Baghdad, followed up by this week's incident at the UN headquarters, mean that the insurgents have decided to go after soft targets only. These assaults on water mains, UN workers, and the electrical system provide much discomfort to the Iraqi civilian economy. It was a violation of a central tenet of guerilla warfare to take actions which adversely affect the people's ability to get through the day. The people will hold the foreigners responsible.

I interpret this as a sign of weakness. Over the past several months, we have seen guerrillas trying to go up against the U.S. Army. The Army has taken casualites, but has suffered no reverses in the field. So the insurgents have chosen to attack the Iraqi economy in the hopes of driving us out.

I don't think it will work, as enough of the political class here in Washington understands the strategic reverse we would suffer by a shameless bugout from Baghdad. Indeed, some of the more responsible voices in the Democratic Party, have spoken of the necessity of winning this conflict (with a dig at the President for good measure). However, as mentioned earlier, the heart and soul of that party lies with Howard Dean, who is in favor of said shameless bugout.

And there's no need to really consider a bugout. Most of Iraq is quiet. Shi'a Country, south of Baghdad to the Kuwaiti border and the Saudi frontier, is going through a period of recovery and an assertion of its own political identity within Iraq. It turns out that the Iraqi imams are far more secular than their counterparts in Tehran. Other than the tragedy of the British, who lost six of their own down in Basrah in late July, I don't see any problems down there.

Kurdistan is quiet as well, as we appear to have given the Kurds a free hand to run their affairs. Only the Sunni areas, where Saddam's power base was, is giving us trouble. That's where the Wahbists and assorted Islamic fascists have decided to set up shop. Bombings do not change the strategic situation; indeed, there is probably a growing backlash among Iraqis who want a chance at peace and prosperity. I have a prediction; it will be Iraqis who turn the terrorists in.

Meanwhile, in other terrorism, the IDF began it's counteroffensive against Palestinian terror. A leading Hamas operative was taken out of the game, permanently. The deliberate killing of children has shocked the Israeli body politic and has forced Sharon to end the charade of the Road Map. Some on Free Republic blame Bush for holding Sharon back. They fail to recognize that Bush chose not to call for restraint, and has given Sharon a green light to go after the bad guys, as long as not too much china is broken. For a peace to be possible, terrorists must be entirely defeated or exterminated, whichever comes first. I think that all concerned realize that for the Abbas Government to succeed in Palestine, the Israelis will have to do the heavy lifting and eliminate the Hamas and the Islamic Jihad.

Finally, everyone's favorite B-list actress, Janeane Garafolo, has been chosen by CNN to be its left wing flavor of the week to sit across designated conservative Girly Man, Tucker Carlson.Janeane Garafolo's appearance led to enough fireworks for CNN's terminal afternoon ratings book to go up by perhaps a tenth of a point. However, as our all seeing eyes at the Media Research Center report, Garafalo filibustered her way through a scrawny, limp wristed Carlson, leaving the flustered conservative sorely in need of a testicular implant. Naturally, she had to work in the Nazi angle....
Garofalo, at same time as Carlson and in a comment missed by the CNN transcribers for the posted transcript: “It is in fact a conspiracy of the 43rd Reich.”

Now if Tucker Carlson had had even the remotest resemblance to a swinging pair between his legs, he would have upbraided this intellectual shahid bomber with a ferocious counterattack based on her ignorance of National Socialism and European history. But Carlson wouldn't do that, which is why CNN has to pay him the big bucks, and doesn't have to pay me one damn red cent to avoid their daily vomitorium of the airwaves.

You know you are dealing with the truly ignorant when they can do little more than scream "Hitler" over and over again. Carlson had the opportunity to do that, but he blew it, as usual.

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