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Monday, August 25, 2003

Three Man Race... 

A few quick notes as we head into Tuesday morning about the California Recall.

FundFundJohn Fund has a pretty good article in this morning's Wall Street Journal. In his piece, Fund posits that Schwarzenneger is actually in a very good position, despite the recent L.A. Times poll that indicated that Arnold was twelve points behind Lt. Gov. Cruz Bustamante. It turns out that the Times' own poll data indicated that they had added over 140 additional Hispanic voters to their sample of registered voters. Apparently they did so because of their belief that that was the way to weight their poll properly. Fund is skeptical, as am I.

One who might be skeptical of the poll, but would probably disagree with Fund, is our very own Common Tator. Using the public polls as his baseline, Malone posits that Arnold is on the horns of a dilemma and wants McClintock to bail, quickly. Malone believes, however, that if McClintock left the race, single issue Republicans would stay home and conceivably throw the race to Davis outright.

An important thing to note is something that Fund brought up. Arnold is beginning a two million dollar per week media campaign. McClintock can't begin to touch that. Tom is a Boy Scout running in his first nationally covered election. Most conservatives think he is the Second Coming of Ronald; but even the Risen Christ would need several million dollars a week to win in California, loaves and fishes notwithstanding.

Meanwhile, Bustamante needs to convert the wampum that the Indian Gaming industry has given to him into campaign cash without arousing the suspicions of Good Government liberals at places like the Sacramento Bee (as opposed to the craven liberals at the Los Angeles Times, who will cover up for him....). Bustamante is basically a small time political gigolo, unlike Governor Davis, who really knows how to pimp (the Governor used 60 million dollars to beat up on hapless Bill Simon last year...).

The problem for Cruz, as Fund rightly perceives, is that his surprising frontrunner status brings him one thing he wanted, conflict with Davis, and one thing he didn't-scrutiny. The last thing Cruz would want to have revealed is his connections with the Tribes, who he's been shilling for lo these many years.

That's all for now. Don't forget to click on Chief Wiggles and read some of his stuff.

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