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Friday, September 12, 2003

Saints and Ministers of Grace, Protect Us.... 


Isabel, the BitchOne of the overwhelming joys of living in South Florida has to be the twin months of August and September, when the weather is insufferably hot or humid and the peninsula is threatened by one monster hurricane or another. Such is the case this year, as we have looked on with growing concern as the Meteorological Cargo Cult has done its collective dance across our TV screens as they tracked the path of this year's Big Storm, Isabel. This hurricane started out like any other, as a tropical wave which developed into a muscular tropical storm, and then into a major Category 5 event. For a time, we have been concerned that a high pressure ridge sitting on top of this storm would bring it right on top of us, like Andrew did back in 1992.

However, of late the models appear to be nudging Isabel along the ridgeline and up the Eastern Seaboard. There is a growing consensus that Florida is very close to being out of the woods. However, I'm not quite ready to burn my plywood and empty my bottled water quite yet. Even so, this storm remains a major threat to the East Coast whether it hits Florida or not. There are some folk who are mighty concerned about the strip of land running from Savannah, Georgia to Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. Hopefully, some of the modellers who indicate that this thing will go out to sea are right.

Meanwhile, out in California, the Recall Election is either going swimmingly for Arnold or is going to pot for Arnold, depending on whom you believe. Gray Davis has called in the Clintons and other Democratic heavyweights to convince Californians that the Governor is really just a misunderstood gentleman, not a thug in a Botany 500 suit whose chief passion is for lucre and the scratching of backs. The poll on the recall stands at 50% in favor to 47% against, if one chooses to believe the Los Angeles Times, which I manifestly do not. The replacement election shows Lt. Governor Cruz ("the Croupier") Bustamante up on Schwarzenegger by 30% to 25%. Meantime, the McClintock Cult has improved to 18%, putting paid to any talk of State Senator McClintock pulling out of the election after this weekend's Republican State Convention in Los Angeles.

Some of the McClintock people are talking as if the Big Mo is with Tom, and that Arnold will be coming on bended knee to McClintock to support him in the end. I think these people drink the bong water, myself. Suppose Arnold stalled out and McClintock took the lead. Well, Arnold could endorse McClintock, but a lot of Arnold's voters would either stay home or vote against the recall. While I'm in favor of McClintock staying in until after the convention, I'm not sure he helps the Republicans win a recall election by staying in until the close of the election.

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