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Saturday, October 04, 2003

I strongly suspect... 

....that the campaign being conducted against Arnold Schwarzenegger will not hurt him decisively.

He'll lose some voters at the margins, but the voting public sees Governor Gray Davis' hands all over the assault by the Los Angeles Times. And why not? The Times has shilled for Gray Davis and the California Democratic Party since the present regime took power in 1998.

Arnold at a rally in Pleasanton, CA, Saturday, Oct. 3rd

I remain convinced that Californians are desperate to turn out the Davis Administration and replace it with someone who will give them a new start. I reiterate: people opened up their Car Tax bills this month and saw that they had tripled. That is something real to them, not allegations of Arnie playing grabass with some gal on the set.

But one had to expect Gray Davis, facing oblivion, to fight tooth and nail with everything he had. Arnold knew he was going to get bombed; I don't think he understood just how hard Davis was going to hit him. A telling thing about the public response, however, are the crowds coming to Arnold's rallies: they are in the thousands. They line up at the small Inland Empire towns that dot the landscape of the center of the state to see his buses go through. This guy has made a connection with these people, and I don't think that the California Democrats, the Republicans, nor Davis and his patrons, the Clintons, understand.

A couple of personal impressions about this storm of mud:

Maria Shriver must seriously be reconsidering her political affiliations given what people in her party have tried to do to her husband. This is the man she loves, and the father of her children. Her own Democrats are trying to destroy him. I am positive that she never considered this possible. Now she has to deal with the true face of her Party, an organization that is in a desperate, mad rush to annihilate everything she knows.

Secondly, the press, or more specifically, the Los Angeles Times. When I was in California in July, I purposely refused to pick up the Times. I considered it then, and still do, a propaganda organ for the California Democratic Party. The squalid fashion in which this story was released revealed nothing less than the hand of Gray Davis. For some confirmation of this, read Bill Bradley's expose on the connections between the Davis organization and an individual who steered the Times towards some of Arnold's alleged victims.

This will be the longest 72 hours in California history.

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