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Wednesday, October 08, 2003

In the Wake of the News.... 

And so, it ends....

Arnold Schwarzenegger had a good day for himself. He held a press conference in which he gave a general sense of the initial direction of his Government. The Car Tax will go, one way or the other. Driver's licenses for illegal aliens will be revoked or Arnold will take the issue to the electorate in March by means of a Proposition. California's bloated workmen's compensation packages will be reformed to keep small businesses from fleeing to Nevada. The Operating Deficit lies somewhere in the range of 8 to 20 billion dollars (no one is quite sure). Arnold will have an audit.

Congressman David Drier is to head the "Transition Team".

Congressman David Drier (R-CA)

I expect it to consist of Republican Party heavy hitters such as Richard Riordan, Bill Simon, Ken Kachagian, and of course, the eminence grise of California's Republican Party, former Governor Pete Wilson. I also look for a prominent role for State Senator Tom McClintock (R-Thousand Oaks), formerly of the Cargo Cult, but nonetheless a recognized authority in fiscal matters in the State Senate. It will be important for the Governor-elect to reach out to McClintock to give the Senator a stake in Arnold's success.

Further out, watch something Arnold will do over the next six months. He'll be traveling the Rubber Chicken circuit, headlining fundraisers for Republican Senate and House candidates in marginal districts. In so doing, he will build up good will in the House. As a result, the purse strings will be loosened on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue for this guy. Schwarzenegger will leverage his stardom and drawing power. One of the things that Arnold needs to do is bring more federal dollars into the state. In so doing, he figures that the budget shortfall will be eased somewhat.

A couple of guys are dead on about the effects of the Recall. Sullivan, as usual, gets it. He gets a tad sweeping with his talk of an Eagle revolution, but on the whole Andrew's blog has tapped in well to the disgust that the California body politic had with the Davis regime and the Legislature. Jonah Goldberg does his bit for the cause over at National Review Online. And for a "third way" take on Schwarzenegger's triumph, check out Joel Kotkin's analysis over at liberalism's flagship magazine, The New Republic.

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