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Wednesday, December 31, 2003

Predictions, 2004 

I haven't blogged since Saddam was captured back in mid-December, so here I am to make my predictions for the New Year:

1. The Philadelphia Eagles will defeat the New England Patriots behind the arm and leadership of Donovan McNabb. McNabb and Rush Limbaugh will end up being great friends.

2. Tony Stewart, driving the Home Depot #20 Monte Carlo, will come from the middle of the pack to win the Daytona 500 in February.

3. Howard Dean will wrap up the Democratic primaries in March, not before. His campaign is beginning to fray, as the candidate shows the kind of vulnerabilities that President Bush will exploit ruthlessly in the fall.

4. Al Qaeda will succeed in one or two minor suicide operations in the United States. There will be a major attack in England by an Al Qaeda front group. More Jews will get beaten up in France. The Germans will blame the Israelis.

5. The United States will continue to conduct covert Direct Action missions into Pakistan's northwestern frontier. Attempts to assassinate or capture Usama bin Laden will come close to succeeding, but will fail due to the inability to track bin Laden exactly.

6. Saddam will be tried by an Iraqi civil court, but his fate will have been decided by a council of Iraqi clerics. The trial will occur in the middle of the American election campaign. Not good for Democrats.

7. American infantrymen will continue to enjoy phenomenal success in Iraq's Sunni triangle. The insurgency will be all but crushed by the time the CPA closes up shop in July.

8. The economy will grow at a 5.2-5.5 rate of growth this coming year. Unemployment will begin to tumble. Also not good for Democrats.

9. The Marlins will repeat as World Series Champions.

10. George W. Bush will hammer Howard Dean in the general election in the fall. Bush will win 56% of the vote and carry 39, and possibly as many as 43, states. George Soros' money will have no lasting impact.

Anyhow, that's my take for the coming year.

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