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Friday, February 06, 2004

Be Very Afraid.... 

Apparently, the first screenshots from Planetary Senshi Sailor Moon are up. Oh my Dear Freaking God!

You know, after viewing these stills, my first thoughts were that if Jesus Christ could tap dance, we would call him "Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ".

Luna the Cat is an animate CG plushie. And Tuxedo Kamen's mask is, well, "cut out". If you are brave, go here to see shots from the first episode. It takes time to load, but the money shot (aside from the facial expressions on the blue plushie cat after Usagi falls on her) has to be Ami's platinum blue wig that she wears after transformation. Got mannequin?

This stuff is an absolute, must-see howler.

This is the only thing that tempers the dread that I feel on the news that a live-action version of Neon Genesis Evangelion is being produced (with assistance from Peter Jackson's Sideshow WETA, I might add). I should also point out that Spielberg is in pre-production for a live-action Lupin III movie.

But nothing, nothing, passes the smell test like Live Action Sailor Moon.

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