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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

The Bush AWOL Scandal is officially Bogus 

At least by my lights. Scott McClellan gave the press Bush's pay stubs from 1972 and 1973. Byron York has a good review of the goings on here.

Now all we need is for Joe Wilson's wife to do another spread in Vanity Fair; then we can declare this jumped up excuse for a scandal to be officially bogus.

Meantime, Andrew Sullivan is going after Bush on spending again. Praiseworthy, but only just. Andrew fails to recognize that no one ever lost an election because they spent too much, especially as an economy is coming out of a recession. Sullivan is all agog over Kerry's standing among moderates on spending. What Andrew isn't taking into account is that Kerry is tabula rasa for the electorate. They project onto him what they would like him to be. The reality of John Kerry is probably quite different, and quite disappointing.

When John Kerry says that he's going to raise taxes on the wealthy, he does not say that he is going to control spending. Nope, he says that he is going to "invest" in "health care" or "education" or "infrastructure". That's code for doling out the swag to the interest groups.

I wish Sullivan would quit pounding on Bush so much to recognize that he's being carjacked by a con man.
Roger L. Simon has Kerry figured out, what's taking Andrew so long? Bush's support of the FMA and his opposition to gay marriage probably have p'od Sullivan beyond measure.

Oh, I forgot to mention. I love Andrew Sullivan's blog. Don't get me wrong; I do. However, while Sullivan has been heralding the collapse of Bush and his Administration, Kerry has dumped 7 points in a week in Gallup. The guy is a two-bit phony; trust me on this. The electorate will figure this out. Bush is steady Eddie. Kerry is not. An example? The AWOL scandal mentioned above.

Think the AWOL meme might have pissed off Bush's base? I do. To tell you what kind of geniuses are running the Kerry campaign, they trotted out Terry McAuliffe, one of the oiliest, most corrupt individuals on the planet, to question both Bush's service to his country and the President's integrity. Now that Bush has released his Air Guard pay stubs, the Democrats will probably roll out poor old Max Cleland to say that it ain't good enough. Then Kerry will try something else to see if it sticks. He knows that he just dropped 7 points after his pliant friends in the media have been pounding Bush mercilessly. It ain't Happy Days on Beacon Hill, that's for damn sure.

Again, this is a fox and hedgehog election. Bet on the hedgehog.

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