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Monday, February 09, 2004

John Tabin had it right, methinks.... 

Bush did allright on Meet the Press last Sunday. Read his article in Monday's American Prowler. It's right under the article by Jed Babbin that says that Bush's appearance was a fiasco.

Conservatives tend to be pessimists. It comes with having to stand athwart history, yelling "stop" (hat tip:NRO and having to convince other undergraduates that the French Revolution was not such a neat idea, after all. Everybody loved the Jacobins. I was rather fond of the White Terror. Anyway, our sour outlook on politics also comes from having spineless jellyfish like Orrin Hatch as leaders in the Senate. I'll get into that sorry turn of events in a later post.

Anyway, Tabin saw what I saw; that Bush was speaking past Tim Russert and to the audience. Russert might as well have been Boy George for all that it mattered. Sure, Bush stumbled a few times, but that's Bush. When Bush did want to make a point, he did so in a way that framed the issue in his terms. Tim didn't understand that no one cares what Wolfowitz said in an interview six months ago. Bush knows that all too well.

Naturally, Sullivan panicked. Jesus Tap-Dancing Christ!

Don't get me wrong. I love Andrew. He's a moderate-to-right pro-war Conservative who fucking gets it in spades: it's the war, stupid!. He's also a serious deficit hawk, but he forgets that we have been told that the economy is going to collapse due to big deficits since Roosevelt's time. I don't know what it is about that guy, but he seems to forget that this campaign has nine months to go. Forty-eight hours is an eternity, whether one is in politics or whether one is stuck in an elevator with Viggo Mortensen. Andrew Sullivan must have pronounced George W. Bush to be DOA at least sixteen times since Saddam was given the heave-ho from the Spider Hole. Now he is in awe of Kerry.

Oh well, I try to put it all in some perspective. Sort of like Tabin does so well in his article.

It's funny. No one listens to me. I'm just some keyboard jockey with a high opinion of his own opinions. And yet, after two months of pummeling, Bush is still between 49 and 54 percent, depending on which push-poll you trust. Even after Kerry came after him hammer-and-tongs about Bush's service in that Alabama Air Guard, Bush still remains where he has been since New Year's: a tad over fifty percent and sitting on 200 million dollars. Steady, boring, just-plain George. And his wife, and two kids, and Barney the dog.

Kerry was a fool, by the way. Kerry played the media's game: Michael Moore opened up his mouth, Wesley Clark followed up, and Kerry decided that it would be a neat idea to bring Bush's service "out in the open", without it looking like Kerry was questioning Bush's service. All Kerry has done is to telegraph to Karl Rove John Kerry's own fears: his own record on national security, the Central Intelligence Agency's budget, his inconsistent stand on Saddam and the War, and his record as the Contributions King. Kerry told Rove everything that Rove needed to know.

And if I'm correct, we're about to find out that there's far less to John Kerry than meets the eye, and far more about John Kerry's past that he'd rather not talk about. This is another fox and hedgehog election. More on that later.

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