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Friday, March 05, 2004

Examining the Opposition: 

I'm cutting and pasting a response to a Roger L. Simon post. I believe it bears some debate.

I begin with the proposition that today's Democrats are small beer compared to yesterday's men. That is debatable, of course, but I don't think it's a debate that any Democrat would want to happen.

Roger posted the question, in response to Prime Minister Tony Blair's superb peroration on the justice of the Iraq War (hat tip: Roger, Armed Liberal). Roger and Armed Liberal want the Arnold Amendment to pass so that they can dragoon Blair can become the first foreign-born President of the United States. Here's my response to Roger's post, in full:

I'm a Republican, but I would vote for Blair running as a Democrat in a freaking Fort Lauderdale minute (as opposed to them damyankees from New York...). When you strip away the partisan rancor, the thing I seem to find is that most bloggers think that Bush is dead on about the One Big Thing, while they have problems with some of the other domestic things.

Perhaps if Kerry would take a position on something and stick with it, he might have a chance in the fall. I don't think he does, because in the end, people know Bush and they know where he stands.

But here's what gets me. Roger L. Simon's Democratic Party gave us Franklin D. Roosevelt, George C. Marshall, Harry S. Truman, Dean Acheson, Adlai Stevenson, Sam Rayburn, Hubert Humphrey, and Jack and Bobby Kennedy.

What happened? Where are the great men? Why doesn't the Democratic Party produce men like Tony Blair? Where is the Democratic Ike? The young FDR? The positive, sunny Democratic Party that shouted to the rooftops, "Happy Days are Here Again!" Where did it go?

Now I don't want some asshat from Atrios to try to come over here and argue the proposition that Tony Blair is a pantywaist compared to big Bad John Kerry. It ain't happenin', folks. Roger and Kaus have pretty much confirmed my worst fears of Kerry: an opportunist, par excellence, who doesn't grasp the enormity of the central event of our time, and who believes that the WOT has been "overblown".

My short answer to why the Democrats can't produce the kind of Democrat that would warm the cockles of not just Roger's heart, but mine, is simple: The Sixties.

But really, I'd like to see Roger address this issue. Why Kerry? Where are the Great Men?

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