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Thursday, March 04, 2004

Gottedammerung! (...or, something typed while listening to the TV Edit version of "Tank!", by The Seatbelts...) 

In this article, Andrew Sullivan backhandedly blames President Bush for presiding over an atmosphere of division in the nation. It's actually a decent survey of where the Red and the Blue stand along a deep cultural divide, but Sullivan chooses to lean on the President a little bit more than his opponents.

After all, they were only comparing Bush to Hitler.

Meantime, in Campaignland...

Bush has unleashed hell (hat tip: Russel Crowe). GW waited 24 hours after Kerry accepted his victory on Super Tuesday to open up with guns blazing. He's done a four and a half million dollar ad buy. Three of the ads are aimed at the conservative base voters, while one ad, in Spanish, will be run on Univision. They will be broadcast over the next several weeks.

One ad sent Democrats and their pimps in the media back on their hind legs. I believe its the "Tested" ad. It had a couple of fleeting images of the World Trade Center in the aftermath of the attacks, and an image of firefighters carrying off a flag-draped comrade from the ruins. Democrats claimed that the ads were exploiting the fallen. They trotted out vocally prominent critics of the President from the families of the victims who appear to believe that the President deserves not praise for his actions after 9-11, but impeachment.

Of course, this was a coordinated move by the Kerry people, but it was enough of a blunder to indicate to me that the Kerry crowd is not quite ready for prime time. Here's why:

The fact that Democrats went ballistic tells Karl Rove exactly what are the Democrats' vulnerabilities. Naturally, if the President runs on the war, he runs to a strength. Democrats want to deny the President that avenue. It was stupid for Democrats to open their mouths and telegraph to Karl Rove their concerns.

Secondly, Democrats fell into the trap of talking about the ad. Now people will want to see the ad. They will also see Bush's message. They will see that Bush is not such an evil and wicked man after all.

I say again, for this and several other reasons, Tuesday night was John Kerry's high watermark.

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