"History will be kind to me, for I intend to write it."-Winston S. Churchill

"The wandering scholars were bound by no lasting loyalties, were attached by no sentiment of patriotism to the states they served and were not restricted by any feeling of ancient chivalry. They proposed and carried out schemes of the blackest treachery."-C.P. Fitzgerald.

Saturday, March 13, 2004

Only on DemocraticUnderground.com... 

...do you get this kind of asshattery. As a veteran Freeper, I get a kick out of the black helikopterz stuff that passes for arid discussion on DemocraticUnderground.com. Naturally, the latest massacre in Madrid can be laid right at the feet of Dr. Evil himself, George W. Bush. But why believe little old me when DU's own "Mari333" has a lock on the Truth:

specifically , who thinks the ROVE machine created the scenario to take the heat off Bush and the bad press hes been getting, PLUS the fact he hasnt got a goddamn issue to run on except for KEEPING THE US IN TERROR

Already the news whores like Wolf are playing it like a cheap whore.

And if you think that's a howler, read the freaking responses. This is Illuminati/Global Jewish Banking Conspiracy stuff. Throw in some Bilderbergers for good measure, and you've got the very same kind of addled conspiracy thinking that gave us the John Birch Society! These people are two steps away from blaming the "Jewish Neocon Conspiracy", I promise you.

Or, to put it in a more refined fashion: I went to the 1935 Party Day Rally in Nuremburg and DemocraticUnderground broke out.

Now, to be right up front, I should say that I had no idea that Karl Rove had bin Laden on retainer. Maybe ol' Binny will open up offices on K-Street, soon. You know, a consultancy?

The last line's a gem: the news whores playing it like a whore. This last sentance leads me to believe that Maureen Dowd's job is safe for another week.

Of course, there is the awful possibility that the DU'ers could be telling the TRUTH!

Oh, the Humanity!

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