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Monday, April 26, 2004

Is it just me... 

...or does nobody care what John Kerry thinks?

For a challenger to have any hope of unseating an incumbent, he must dominate the news and frame the debate. John Kerry is doing neither. Now I'm not saying that he's not capable of doing this thing. After all, he dominated the media and the debate back in January and February. But that was not the point at which he needed to run the table.

But in late March and through April, George W. Bush has seen a resurgence in both authority and electability. Swing voters are comparison shopping right now, and Bush's plain-spoken manner is what is needed right now, especially with the battle for Fallujah as a backdrop. Contrast this with John Kerry's latest incarnation.

The Massachussetts Democrat has labled himself an "Entrepreneurial Democrat". This is supposed to get him the votes of the "Office Park Dads", I suppose. Well, it wasn't long before some smart Bushie on FreeRepublic.com called Kerry up on his offer, claiming that Kerry had never started a business, never met a payroll, and had sucked off the government teat all his life.

The "Entrepreneurial Democrat"? Nobody cares. You can see the jacked-up influence of the Focus Group a mile away as a candidate desperately tries to find his relevance once more. In an era when men such as the late Pat Tillman Walk the Walk, John Kerry can only Talk the Talk.

"Entrepreneurial Democrat", indeed!

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