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Monday, May 24, 2004

Bush at Carlysle Barracks 

Running commentary...

Nothing really new here tonight. What is going on is a restatement of Administration policy. He is reemphasizing the steps needed to achieve Iraqi sovereignty.

An audience of battalion commanders and up. They like this guy. He has given them the authority to run the war as they see fit. I think the older heads appreciate that he is not Lyndon Johnson picking strike packages over the North.

Fallujah; we wanted Iraqi forces to take the town, instead of massive reprisal. Methinks that Bush has chosen to let sleeping dogs lie for now, betting that the local Iraqi jackals will want to run the foreign jackals out of town. I think that's a smart bet.

Karbala, Najaf, Kufa: Fat Boy Sadr is getting his ass handed to him. The troubles appear to be almost over down there. We're helping Iraqi forces to prepare for their role as a national army. We're accelerating training towards a level of 260,000. Five battalions in the field, with eight battalions on the way by July.

After June 30th: CENTCOM to operate under American command as part of U.N. authorized multinational force. Buttkicking as usual, but with U.N. sanction.

Hearts and minds, meals on wheels. Uncle Sugar builds coin-operated laundromats, etc.

Private economy: Iraqi economy booming. Oil production up. Jim Baker made former creditors an offer they couldn't refuse:

It seems that just about everyone has agreed to forgive Iraq's debt.

Abu Ghraib is being torn down. Whoop dee fucking doo! Being replaced by Maximum John Prison: Sing Sing East.

The Poles will be helped out down south. No mention of the craven Spanish who hightailed out of Iraq faster than a two-bit John from a whorehouse raid.

Iraq to elect permanent government in 2005. I would rather bring the election forward. A representative government is the best defense against terror. Election is coming. But when?

U.S. Army and Marines need to hunt the terrorist sheep humpers down and kill them. Keep them on the run. Make them have more "work accidents" like Hamas appears to be having.

Closing: Americans have gone through much. "This is the world as we find it. We must keep our focus. We must do our duty." Churchillian line.

Terrorists hope we will retreat from the world. We, on the other hand, believe that freedom will change the Middle East and change the world. When all middle eastern peoples are free to think as they will, the hatreds that feed terror will die away.

One vision: tyrrany and murder. The other of life and hope. Good on' ya, George.

"We shall hold this hard won ground for the realm of liberty."

Well done, GW. Not especially inspiring, but it wasn't meant to be. Great detail.

Now, on to quick analysis. I think that he's showing the qualitative difference between how he understands Iraq's place in the war and how Kerry understands it. Bush has a holistic vision of the conflict as a struggle of ideologies. Kerry is stuck on Bin Laden. I'm betting that the Americans will see the difference. I'm hoping that those Girl Scouts in the Senate Republican Conference start butching up and begin supporting the President once more as they should. Lugar, in particular, should have held his fire until the President spoke.

Barnes on FOX complaining about not enough attention to security issues. Brought up short by Krauthammer speaking about new Iraqi battalions and the necessity for this to become an Iraqi struggle.

Anyway, that's all for now. More tomorrow.

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