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Friday, May 07, 2004

La Shawn Barber... 

...went postal this morning.

Do not get this woman upset with you...

The occasion was the media storm surrounding the Abu Ghraib prison incident. This being an election year and all, there have been calls on the part of the Democrats, the Kerry campaign, and the usual swine in the Pimp Media for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld's resignation. The chattering classes profess to be outraged at Rumsfeld for "misleading the President" or "misleading the Congress". One horse's ass, cited by James Lileks in his Thursday Bleat added fuel to the controversy so condemned by Barber. Money quote from Lileks:

The minute I heard Biden refer to Rumsfeld with the magic words - “what did he know, and when did he know it?” - I knew that the Iraqi POW story had jumped the shark. Or rather jumped a pyramid of blindfolded, homoerotic sharks. It’s not the question, it’s the words: use of the Vietnam and Watergate era terms are like an incarnation that will topple the current administration. I almost expect someone to ask whether there is a cancer on the presidency, a chancre, or a weeping mole. Stop it! STOP LIVING IN THE PAST!

And this is from freking Biden, for crying out loud. I expected this intellectual gruel from a pompous showboater like Kerry, but from Biden, the serious Democrat? Jesus wept! (He did, it's in the Bible. Shortest complete sentence in the Good Book...).

If I'm ticked at Biden's shortsightedness, well then for her part, La Shawn appears to have not only jumped the shark, but to have used Roy Scheider's rifle from Jaws to take out the Great White. Money graphs....
The U.S. is being depicted as a tyrant. There is no moral clarity among the left in this country. To equate the free world with brutal dictators, rapists and murderers is evidence that extreme liberalism is a mental disorder, to borrow the sentiment from one of my favorite radio show hosts. These people need psychiatric help before they get us all killed! They make me sick.

What Barber is upset with here is the moral equivalence practiced by the Left and the pompous strutters in the Editorial Rooms of the Pimp Media. Does she go a tad overboard? Well, perhaps...
God's judgment on the U.S. is apparent. Americans stand idly by as unborn children are slaughtered in the womb and child pornography runs rampant. Homosexuals are demanding rights not given to them by the Creator, the Constitution or anything else. Our kids can't read, can't count, can't reason and just plain can't think. Where is the outrage that we're raising a nation of idiots? But the dumb media is obsessed with bringing down George Bush, the first man of integrity we've had in the White House in years.

Where was the outrage when Bill Clinton turned the White House into a whore house? Where is the outrage that we're a debauched nation where perverts have taken over the debate and trying everything they can to destroy our precious freedom?

You know, part of the reason I wrote that Brown article is to shake things up. Subtlety does not work. The lack of critical thinking in this country is appalling. But start making "outrageous" assertions, like "affirmative action" is a trap designed to keep black people mentally enslaved, and you get people's attention. The extreme always does. We need to be shocked out of our complacency and open our eyes to what's going on.

To paraphrase Joseph Conrad from Heart of Darkness, "Mistah Shark, he dead!"

La Shawn, how could you?

Forget the details of her rant, many of which I happen to agree with. She's right about the One Big Thing: the War.

Since the election cycle began in earnest with the ersatz Joe Wilson scandal last summer, the Democrats and their willing partners in the Pimp Media have treated this global war with a level of seriousness that is normally found in the pages of the Weekly World News

hat tip: Bat Boy.

This war is a conflict in which the survival of our civilization will be determined. Right now, most members of that civilization, both in Europe and America, have no idea as to the scope and danger of the conflict.

For its part, the national Democratic Party has shown an obsession with scandal in time of war. Its eyes are firmly focused on the past. It is not for nothing that Senator John Kerry's terrorisim policy is warmed over Bush counterterrorism. Kerry can say that he would fight the war differently, but he can't really convince anybody that he can do better than Bush. He cannot do this because he cannot convince a significant portion of his party's base vote and its intellectual elite that this war is both noble and worth fighting and winning.

Investigations, scandal-mongering, and gotcha journalism have taken the place of serious policy formulation among Democrats. It is a measure of the lack of seriousness in that party that the activist wing of the national Democratic party still believes that it was a mistake to destroy the Middle East's last truly horrifying regime. This is what Barber is mad at, at bottom.

The liberals in general, and the Left in particular, have no idea of the stakes in this war, even after 9-11.

In the latest Belmont Club, Wretchard relates a long story of his adventures in the Phillippines in his latest post. Read the whole thing. It will reinforce the stakes in the war, as his post puts Abu Ghraib into context. What Barber is decrying is what Wretchard and I see; the last dying embers of compassion from a civilization that has yet to realize that its existence has been brought into question by a fascist religious movement. We are outraged at Abu Ghraib because we still regard ourselves as civilized. We say that we are better than the photographs of a witless woman holding an Iraqi prisoner by a dog collar. Our President goes before the Islamic world and offers apologies, because he truly feels shame.

But the Islamic Fascists will see this as weakness, as yet another opportunity to approach the day when the entire world is under the bootheel of fascist Islam. Of course, being Muslim Arabs, they will tend to overreach. Throughout the 1990's, the hothouse intellectuals of the jihadist press and the State universities in the Arab world wrestled with the question of how to destroy the Zionist Entity. Militarily, they couldn't do it. They hit upon an idea: destroy the United States and the Zionist Entity would fall into Arab hands like ripe fruit from a tree. Wretchard calls this the "Arab Way of War". Infiltrate, destroy, retreat, and use the cover of deniability to prevent the West from retaliating against the Arab homeland.

But what if the Arabs make a grand mistake. What if they assume that if they force us to choose between our survival and theirs, we will stay our hand? When they do, and they will, all of our compassion, our insistence that we must be "better" than they, will drain away in an instant. Abu Ghraib will seem quaint by comparison. But let me give you La Shawn's take, if only at last:

Our men and women are not in Disneyland-Iraq; they are trying to crush a Muslim scourge, a growing cancer on the world--not just the U.S.--that is trying to destroy healthy cells of freedom. Does it not occur to liberals that there is no reasoning with cancer? The disease does not stop; it must be eradicated. Maybe if they'd analogize militant Islam to an unwanted "clump of cells" growing inside the womb, they'd finally get it!

Barber hits the nail on the head, but she doesn't quite take the argument to its close. What is at stake is not simply the survival of our civilization, but the survival of Islamic civilization, as well. The Islamists do not know this, or if they do, they deride the possibility.

The Islamists will make the mistake of demanding that we choose between our survival, and theirs. They forget that it was our civilization that fought and won World War II, the most violent war in human history. They forget that we gave new meaning to words such as Dresden.

And Hiroshima.

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