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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Dead Cat Redux 

Well, Scotty Rasmussen came out with his latest day by day poll of the Bush-Kerry race. It appears that the Prettyboy Effect has become a certifiable
Dead Cat Bounce. Edwards doesn't appear to have allowed Kerry to build any kind of sizeable lead. The two candidates remain tied at 46% each. Kerry has fallen back from a four point lead in Rasmussen after the Edwards announcement.

Take Scott Rasmussen with a grain of salt. We at FreeRepublic.com were very excited at Rasmussen's projection of a solid Bush victory in 2000, only to be surprised by the fact that it was Zogby who got the Gore surge right.

However, two of Scotty's internals are somewhat disturbing. A slightly greater margin of respondents believe that Kerry will win, and President Bush's lead over Kerry on national security issues has shrunk to 51% to 44% for the junior Senator from the Bay State. How and ever, President Bush's numbers in the all-important economic question appear to be heading north.

Again, it's the summer. Pay no attention until after Labor Day.

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