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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

First Impressions 

And so, John Kerry picked the man he wanted second.

John Edwards, trial lawyer extraordinaire, was picked by the Massachussetts senator to be his running mate. However, it was known that his first choice was John McCain, the senior Republican senator from Arizona. McCain has just made a passel of Bush commercials, however, and it is known that Bush and McCain have patched things up somewhat.

Why did Kerry pick Edwards? Well, I suspect that Edwards polled well among Democrats and Independents. I also suspect that Kerry would like to snatch at least one state of the Old Confederacy, and North Carolina's demographics have to look promising to the Kerry campaign.

Kerry has made one brutal mistake, however. He has needlessly made an enemy of the Clintons by not going on his knees to Conossa and requesting Hillary Clinton to be his running mate. It would have been his best move, in my opinion, as it would have sewn up women (in the absence of Condi Rice on the Republican side) for Lurch.

So Kerry makes an exciting, but not inspired choice. For Republicans, we can expect Bush to be behind for awhile. Or, Bush can do something really inspired and put Rice on the ticket. My only problem with Cheney is that he doesn't have the demographic reach that a Condi Rice would have.

My hunch, and hope, is the Bush has Rice up his sleeve.

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