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Saturday, September 25, 2004

Hurricane Blogging 

A very piss-poor welcome to Hurricane Jeanne. The hurricane is projected to strengthen to a Category 3 tropical cyclone before making landfall. A Category 3 means 111 mph and above in sustained wind speed. There is a possibility that as it passes over the Gulf Stream between the Bahamas and Florida it will strengthen to a Category 4 hurricane, with winds of 131 mph or more. However, that is not a certainty as the storm is proceeding along at a fast clip of 15 mph and may not have the time to stop and get gas from the warm ocean below.

Jeanne is projected to make landfall somewhere between the northern Palm Beach County line in the south to the Brevard County line in the north. Section 9 is blogging from southwestern Broward County. We are on the southwestern quadrant of the hurricane and are fortunate in that we are on the weaker side of the storm. Here's the projected path as of the 1:00 p.m. Intermediate Advisory for Saturday, September 25th (hat tip: Weather Underground):

I am enthralled by the view out my sliding glass doors of 1/2" CDX plywood. Ah, Florida: the broad, sunlit uplands.

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