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"The wandering scholars were bound by no lasting loyalties, were attached by no sentiment of patriotism to the states they served and were not restricted by any feeling of ancient chivalry. They proposed and carried out schemes of the blackest treachery."-C.P. Fitzgerald.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

The Best Ad of the Year 

Without question, bar none, this ad is the best buy of the year, by either side.
It is very well produced, and stunningly effective in its own quiet way. Stepping out of my Republican shoes for a moment, it is the most persuasive propaganda I have seen in some time. "Ashley's Story" may go down in political history as the most well-conceived political commercial since the "Morning in America" ad broadcast during Reagan's 1984 reelection campaign.

Of course, some of the best ads are coming out of the 527's these days. This one is no different. An outfit called the Progress For America Voter Fund put this one out. This piece is the largest single ad buy of the year, at 14 million dollars. "Ashley's Story" is to be targeted at critical battleground states.

You don't have to scream to get your point across

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