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Sunday, October 17, 2004

Gregory Djerejian endorses Bush 

For a whole host of reasons, the primary one being that Bush "gets" the stakes in the Grand War On Terror in his gut while Kerry fails to, Gregory Djerejian of The Belgravia Dispatch endorses George W. Bush for reelection. Read today's post from one of the blogosphere's consummate "realists".

Which brings me to a new turn of the dial: how did a guy like Djerejian occupy the Scowcroftian/Kissinger high ground of realpolitik while endorsing the same Iraq mission so advocated by Doug Feith and Paul Wolfowitz? The latter two gentlemen are constantly accused of Panglossian idealism (not by Greg, btw). The moral of the work? Avoid labeling in the arid environment fo the foreign affairs commentariat.

BTW, it's hard not to interpret Scowcroft's anti-Bush broadside as an attempt to injure Bush prior to the election. Perhaps he has found common cause with Kerry's Euro-centered accomodationism? (there I go with the labels again!-ed.) Hard to say, but I can't say that I'm surprised. Scowcroft has been sending these signals since before the Iraq campaign began.

One of the things I will never understand is how some in the Republican Party, as well as most of the Democratic Party's foreign policy apparat (what's left of it, anyway) believe that the benign neglect of some of the world's most squalid, fascist kleptocracies enhance the security of this country.

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