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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

How thou pleasest, God, dispose the day! 

It gets worse.

I want this all to be over. The mania is tearing at the unity the republic needs to pursue this war. Part of this I blame on the President, of course. A more bipartisan approach to the war would have led to greater unity as we pursued various aspects of the campaign, but the craven desire for power among all things on the Left is the distinct memory I will take from this campaign.

I believe on this night that George Bush will win reelection. I believe this despite the last, best attempt on the part of the Partisan media to undo this man. The HMX story is being debunked as we speak. Let me expand:

On Sunday night, the New York Times published a story that stated that the United States had lost track of 350 -380 tons of high explosive compounds known as HMX and RDX respectively. They are used as catalysts for explosive ordinance of many kinds. Wretchard expanded on what might have happened to the stuff, but our concern here is the political game. In short, they were stored at the al-Qaqaa armory, south of Baghdad.

The Times apparently received the tip from Mohammed el-Baradei's office at the U.N.. It appears that he was rather anxious that the U.S. was not going to be supporting his renewed appointment as head of the International Atomic Energy Agency. The U.S. was upset with el-Baradei's conduct during the Libya Weapons affair and the runup to the Iraq campaign. Anyway, the Times got together with CBS News. CBS, according to Matt Drudge was going to blow the story on the Sunday before the election to try and put Kerry over the top, but the Times decided that it wanted to own the story.

Within six hours, the Kerry campaign (which had no doubt been tipped in advance by the Times) was out with coordinated statements. A full press offensive by the MSM, in coordination with Kerry's campaign, began to hammer Bush over the missing explosives. Yet, within 24 hours of the story's breach, several sources within the MSM and in the blogosphere, began to undermine the General Line. Yet Kerry went forward with spots accusing the President of malpractice in office. As we speak, men of the 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment are coming forward with what happened last April at the Al-Qaqaa armory. One quote (hat tip: Kerry Spot):

From yet another Kerry Spot reader with a ".mil" e-mail address:

You are correct in your bottom line conclusion. Here is a second follow up. I was serving as a [identifying information removed by the Kerry Spot] staff member during the time in question. The Commander on the site had complete real time intelligence on what to expect and possibly find at the Al-QaQaa depot. The ordinance in question was not found when teams were sent in to inspect and secure the area. When this information was relayed, Operational plans were adjusted and the unit moved forward. Had the ordinance in question been discovered, a security team would have been left in place.

Don't expect a fit of intellectual honesty from either the MSM or the Kerry Campaign. They are fundamentally dishonest people in search of the one thing that any man will sell his soul for: power.

Will Bush take the cake? I am guardedly optimistic. He appears to be holding a stubborn 3 point lead going into the middle of this week. He is also on the offensive in Ohio, which may be moving into his pocket as we speak. In closing, read this article at Jay Cost's Horserace Blog. Money quote:

In general, BC04 appears to me to be an ethical, high-tech, more efficient version of the GOTV efforts of the 19th century Philadelphia machine run from Harrisburg by the state’s Republican establishment. This type of organization is particularly suited to Ohio, which is naturally Republican and which presents no comparable competition in GOTV this year. Look for the final partisan breakdowns on Election Day in OH to be much more pro-Republican than the current polling samples. As usual, look for the media to be surprised and the conventional wisdom to be wholly confounded.

That's all for tonight, folks. Der Tag approaches. I am reminded of the closing lines of Henry in Act IV, Scene III of The Life of King Henry V

My lord, most humbly on my knee I beg
The leading of the vaward.

Take it, brave York. Now, soldiers, march away;
And how thou pleasest, God, dispose the day!

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