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Wednesday, November 17, 2004

The Ghost of Laverenti Beria 

Porter Goss, late of the Florida delegation to the House of Representatives, is conducting a thoroughgoing blood purge at CIA headquarters in Langley, Virginia. Three top-level CIA bureaucrats have resigned since Goss took office in October, including deputy director John McGlaughlin and two division heads at Clandestine Services.

This is a good thing.

Why? Well, understand that Johnnie Jihad, the Marin County Mindfuck Dropout, went to Yemen to study the Qu'ran. After a few months, he was invited to Pakistan by a jihadist friend. Within a few months, he had a personal audience with the Emir (that would be Usama bin Laden) himself. Now consider that in the light of that series of events, the Central Intelligence Agency couldn't get anyone close to bin Laden to either capture the buzzard or take him out in a period of ten freaking years! Johnnie Jihad was successful, while the entire CIA's clandestine apparatus couldn't approach the success rate of a Northern California nonentity. This article in the Washington Times makes clear that the Pentagon higher ups around Donald Rumsfeld is enjoying the trials of their own adversaries. Money graphs:

The ongoing shake-up at the CIA is a welcome development for senior Pentagon officials that promises to end the agency's below-the-radar opposition to some aspects of President Bush's war on terrorism.

    Defense Department sources privately complained that parts of the CIA's entrenched bureaucracy of analysts opposed the military's large role in a war against al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden.

    Before the September 11 attacks, the CIA had the lead in hunting al Qaeda. Afterward, Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld took over that role and put the military on a terrorist-hunting mission that trespassed on some CIA roles.

    "Let's just say that a lot of folks over there were still committed to a pre-9/11 way of doing things," said a Pentagon adviser who has played a significant role in forming counterterror policy. "It still hasn't changed."

In the past year, the Central Intelligence Agency has conducted a leaking campaign against the President of the United States. That agency has been singularly unsuccesful in fighting the bin Laden organization; no amount of leaking can alter that. The last thing they wanted was a reelected Bush with a mandate to clean house from the people. The CIA was counting on a Kerry victory to maintain the status quo. The last thing they wanted was a reelected Bush who would settle accounts for the intelligence disasters of the last decade, from the failure to outfight the bin Laden organization to the horrible WMD reports that led to the Bush Administrations reliance on shoddy evidence to justify an invasion of Iraq. William Safire reflects on the turnover in Bush's cabinet in today's column. Cut from the piece is his regard for the departing Dark Lanternists:

You didn't think Bush had an exit strategy? Six loyal cabinet members have exited so far, accompanied by a flock of pouting spooks at Langley who bet on a Kerry victory. More are sure to join the cabinet appointees and bureaucrats in a mass exodus usually described as biblical.

The bottom line? It was past time for a blood purge. President Bush could not take on the Agency until after he had won reelection, however. Now, with the popular vote at his back, the Agency must follow the election returns as well. Porter Goss, meet Laverenti Beria.

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