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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Here's Hoping there's a Lake of Fire Dept..... 

From today's online New York Metro magazine:

Tom Cruise Wants to Assist
With on-set Scientology.

In the upcoming Steven Spielberg remake of War of the Worlds, one family fights for survival when Earth is invaded by Martian war machines. But on the set of the movie, there’s been an invasion of another sort: Scientologists! Tom Cruise, the film’s star and the religion’s most well-known adherent, has set up a Scientology tent with a volunteer minister. “It’s a gift from Tom to the crew,” says Lee Anne De Vette, Cruise’s sister and spokeswoman. “You can receive what’s called an assist there,” a Scientologist practice that, as she describes it, seems to be a glorified mini-massage. “If someone has an injury in a certain part of their body, if their back is killing them, they can come in and get an assist. It’s something that helps the body get in better communication with itself.” Actual Scientology literature is available, too, in case “someone walks in looking for a solution.” All of which has caused a certain amount of grumbling. Scientology watchdog Rick Ross says that he’s received e-mails from crew members wondering, “Where are the booths for the Catholics and the Jews?”
(hat tip: Nachum at Free Republic.com)

Yeah, well, Catholicism is for the Little People. Travolta and Cruise? Big Hollywood goes for the Quack Shit like Kabballa and Scientology. Next year it will be phrenology. Paging Piltdown Man!

Really, after Battlefield Earth was released, I was convinced that Jesus Christ Almighty would have prepared a special place in Hell for anyone associated with such an awful film or the religious quackery that sponsored it.

Of course, perhaps I spoke to soon.....

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