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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Oh, can we lay off Miss California? 

Word is she's dating Michael Phelps...

I mean, Jesus tap-dancing Christ!

Perez Hilton, professional gay man and all around pain in the ass, asked the Gay Marriage question of Miss California, Carrie Prejean. She answered, as nicely as she could, that she believed that marriage was between a man and a woman, but that she hoped she didn't offend anyone. Perez must have found out that she went to college (a Christian College near La Jolla) and hit her with the Gay Marriage question.

Perez, you old Queen. Stop it! All he did was to give Carrie and himself more internet traffic.

As for me, I'm a federalist on the issue. I happen to be in favor of matrimonial rights for gay and lesbian couples, which puts me on the outs with most of the conservative movement and much of the Republican Party. My brother is gay and lives in California. I was not happy to see Proposition 8 pass and strip away his right to matrimony under the California Constitution. However, I oppose the way that HRC and the gay litigation community has gone about trying to institutionalize same-sex marriage in this country: through unelected judges. That a backlash was not expected shows how oblivious to the tone of the great middle of this country the activist base of the Democratic Party has become.

Again, Mr. Madison's Constitution provides us with a solution: Federalism. Some states, such as New York, Oregon, or California (eventually) will be amenable to gay marriage. Other states, less so. It is for the people, through their legislatures (such as in Vermont recently) to speak to this issue. Not the courts and not through the agency of direct democracy, such as in California-where pressure groups can run attack ads and tilt referenda one way or another. We have state legislatures for a reason. Let us use them.

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